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Frequently asked questions FAQ’s

What is the climate in Ohrid?

During (tourist) season which is June through August, temperatures are in the mid to upper 20’s Celsius during the day and mid-teens in the morning and evening. May and September will be similar but slightly cooler but still comfortable. All other months range from 0-10 Celsius although April will likely have warmer days so I suggest a visit during this month.

Best area to stay in Ohrid?

Definitely in the Old Town. This is the heart of the area with many historical places to visit. You’ll have scenic cafes and restaurants to relax in along the water and pretty streets of old town. Check out these apps and websites for accommodations. Booking.com, Airbnb.com and Agoda.com.

My accomodations?

I stayed at Darija apartments in the old town which I can recommend. I’ve included a link to book with them or you’re welcome to contact me and I will make the introduction. They have a restaurant minutes away from the flat. You receive a 10% discount at the restaurant if your stay in their apartment building. Very nice, welcoming and accommodating people!

Best time to travel to Ohrid?

Most people visit between June and August but you will enjoy a quieter visit in May and September with decent climate. Please note, not all attractions will be open in the off season but there is plenty to do and see. The main attractions listed above are open year-round. Some cafes, restaurants and water activities may not be operable if you visit during the offseason.

Are credit cards accepted in Ohrid?

Not entirely, so carry some cash. Not all places accept credit or bank cards so carrying cash is a good idea for use in small markets, shops, street vendors and some taxi services. Local currency in preferred but some vendors accept the Euro.

Is Ohrid safe?

Yes, very safe. Be a kind person and you will not have any issues.

What is the drinking age in Ohrid?

18 years old and casual.

Local currency in Ohrid

Macedonian Denar (MKD). The currecny used in Ohrid North Macedonia is called the Macedonian Denar (MKD). As you know, exchange rates are volatile but you can expect this range. 1 USD = roughly 56 MKD. 1 Euro = roughly 62 MKD.

Ohrid nightlife and festivities?

Many places are open later in the evening, especially during season. Check out the Grand Bazaar area where there are many cafes. You will also have many restaurants and cafes in the old town but these will not be open as late.

Summer festivals in Ohrid include the following

  1. Ohrid Summer Festival (annually from July 10 – August 20) Art, music, dance and theater
  2. Ohrid Choir Festival (Late August)
Is Ohrid good for couple’s travel?

Yes, certainly. A great place for couples to have a scenic, romantic getaway. The old town is a cozy and pretty place to visit. Very intimate all around.

Solo travel in Ohrid?

If traveling solo is your vibe, you will enjoy this place. Again, it’s a quick weekend getaway as you will see many places in a short period of time.

Other destinations to explore near Ohrid?

For a longer visit in the region, consider the following destinations to explore near Ohrid. These are great options to include on your trip if you have spare time. Struga, Macedonia. Bitola, Macedonia. Skopje, Macedonia. Korce, Albania. Podgradec, Albania.

Leave a reply below and I will answer your questions and address any concerns if the above FAQ’s did not answer everything for you. You can also reach me directly on Instagram. Be sure to check out Scottstraveling’s 10 best things to see in Ohrid. Now, go travel!

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