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Writing reminder

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d return with a reminder for myself. A reminder of why I enjoy writing, and why I should be more consistent with doing so. Creative writing, in my opinion, requires creative experiences and adventures. It requires a unique perspective to see all are deserving aspects, a deeper awareness during your encounters. We must find inspiration. New and different experiences, scenarios, situations geographic location offer it. Traveling is also a great mechanism for writing, which creative imaginations may crave.

Lately, I’ve had thoughts on my mind. I’ve been busy with demands of travel, something I’ve done a lot of the past month. Then theres finding time to produce quality and effective work with an inconsistent routine. Not to mention, the discipline it takes to stay focused with the freedom I’ve allowed myself. Focus is difficult to maintain. My surroundings haven’t been comfortable. Winter months in Europe are not kind to those chasing sunshine.

The escape

Writing is one of my greatest escapes, perhaps the most beneficial to me and my outlandish imagination and desire for adventure. Writing allows me to put my creative thoughts and ideas onto paper and into the universe. I can return to them later for inspiration, guidance and as reminder of the principles in which I choose to stand by. Every time I write something with flow, it’s powerful. A new and different sensation I’ve activated.

Power of writing

Similar to learning how to play an instrument for the first time, this achievement, and feeling, or sensation, can be powerful. Something powerful you’ve activated shouldn’t go overlooked. You see, just like learning to play an instrument for the first time, you’ve never had this experience before, expressing yourself through music. Now, not only have you achieved the task of learning something new, you’ll continue to use this achievement, new tool and hobby to express yourself, to create new, enjoyable moments. Moments, sensations and maybe most importably, a mood-changing mechanism you’ll now be able to utilize at anytime.

The photos I’ve placed below are preferred vibes when writing. What do you think, good place to unwind? Tell me, what do you write about? Leave a comment or write me. I want to know how writing allows you to express yourself. Check out scottstraveling on instagram if interested in more content. Cheers!

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