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Regardless of your journey, I am interested to know more about you, your travels and/or projects. Here’s what I’m about, living like a local, each place I visit. If we’re looking for labels, you could call me a hybrid nomad/traveler and I spend my days with exploration, adventure and remote work, wherever I am.

scotts traveling

This website is about travel and will pertain to anything that comes from it. Cuisine and language, local vibes and night life, culture, architecture, accommodation, travel tips and my unique adventures and experiences as I see fit. My specialty: budget travel, staying true to myself and having fun, typically on spontaneous adventures in places of curiosity.

About you

So, are you a nomad, traveling, blogging or digital creator? Are you looking to collaborate on travel content or copywrite? Perhaps you’re a volunteer looking to broaden your network. Great, so am I! Let’s connect and create something great. You can contact me now using the form below. You can also reach me on Instagram. Let’s connect!

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